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Great Date Nights

Great Date Nights at Cape Christian

We'll take care of the kids so you and your spouse can enjoy a fun, themed, unforgettable date through The Great Date Night!

If you already know the drill and are ready to register, CLICK HERE!

Here's how The Great Date Night works:

FIRST, if you have kids from ages six months old to fifth grade, be sure to sign up for childcare on the Registration Form! It's only $5 per family. We'll have fun, safe activities for your kids to participate in when you drop them off, so you'll know that your kids are having a great time while you're enjoying your time with your spouse!

SECOND, whether you have kids or not, be sure to submit that Registration Form!

THIRD, download or print out your Great Date instructions below! We have a suggested set for each month, and we've also provided a few alternatives. Pick the one you like best!

FOURTH, keep an eye on your inbox for further instructions! If you've registered for childcare, you'll be able to drop your kids off in the Family Ministry Building from 5:30 - 6:00 PM. You'll need to pick up your children BEFORE 8:30 PM.

FINALLY, enjoy your date! We hope that you'll take lots of pictures and share both the pictures and some stories about how your evening went at

Our next Great Date Night will take place on Saturday, April 26. The childcare registration deadline for the next Great Date Night is Monday, April 21.


CLICK HERE to register! 

2014  Great Date Night Instructions 

March 2014 - "We Marriage"

2013  Great Date Night Instructions 

November 2013- "Picnic Night"

September 2013- "Game Night"

April 2013- "Fighting for Relationship, Part 2"

March 2013- "Fighting for Relationship"

February 2013- "Happily Ever After"

January 2013- "Family History"

Classic Great Date Night Instructions

"Exclamation Point" Date Night

"Food for Thought" Date Night

"Great Memories" Date Night

"Hurry Home" Date Night